The hard truth.

About 8 years ago, I quit smoking cigerettes. Up untill September of last year that is around the end of September because of alot of anexity and stress I broke. And now I have to start all over again, I am now 24+ hours into once again trying to quit smoking… God this is not easy! I forgot how hard it was the first time to quit.


I believe in you!

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Quitting for 8 years counts as quitting. Now you’re just starting a longer record :wink:

My record is 26 years of not smoking. Beat that record brah!

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Switch to vape. Cheaper, less shit for your health, more granular step down options for the nicotine levels, you don’t smell like an ash tray.

But you’re 30 years old… so you quit smoking when you were 4???


I’m 26. Never smokederedred.

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I like my narrative better


I know that feel bro, after 18 years smoking las month i reach the 2 years milestone xD so keep it up i know you can do this


I quit drinking and smoking… then i fell of a roof and fucked up half of my skull. Pills don’t help my pain so i started smoking to distract myself from the pain which i felt… Stress had a massive impact on me and i started to smoke because I heard so much bullcrap from the doctors and couldn’t handle it…but I’m planning to stop now i’m trying to run,exercise and get stronger. Also church time is best time.

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My stress is dealing with a skitzo brother who screams constantly, but I might have found away to help me quit smoking. I was approved for a monthly finance payment on a new PC from checked out the reviews of the company and the BBB before deciding to work this path. I quit once before for health reasons AND for the ability to get my first Desktop at the time to get rid of a crappy laptop I used for gaming.