The Kindness Diaries

If you have Netflix and have the ability to watch this show, please do it. It might change your life. Very inspiring!

Katsuo & Arsononion he definitely visits where you guys are from. Drives through Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia and other areas.

sYnCroSis It’s interesting how he went through Kosovo and not Serbia. Why, you ask? Well, Kosovo is still part of Serbia so it’s kind of confusing. xD
Anyway, hopefully he’s still alive as Albanians in Kosovo aren’t friendly as other people in the world. I’ll subscribe to Netflix to watch the show as soon as I get my wallet sorted out. That show reminds me of a Serbian show. One TV presenter travels through Serbia and offers food, money and shelter to people in need.

Katsuo he’s still alive and some people were nice to him… which is how he’s still alive!

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sYnCroSis I like shows like this so most likely ill watch it :smiley: