The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

This is my next game! It’s a traditional turn-based rpg with a good story. Running at max settings at 2429p>70fps(dsr 1440p). It has the feels from the original Xenoblade Chonicles, but also has the vibes that it was originally intended for Vita.

I don’t quite get it but the graphics are quite nice despite that they are not. The character models look like ps2 era, but the environments are well done, somehow this equates to looking good? I dunno, I’m having fun. Will post more later!

Trails in the Sky trilogy is so far my favourite The Legend of Heroes game.

There was something about that one that either made me return it or remove if from my list before I bought it. Can’t remember.

Any plans of finishing it?

I think I’m in the final Act… Are there more than 3 acts?

I also lost 3 days of gameplay time Aug 2-4 because I was camping.

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I have no idea. Never played any of those games. Thought they were bad haha

I know I’ve returned at least 2 other Trails of games. I like this one. Still good without playing the first one.

I am currently working my way through Berseria for the first time. While also working on God Eater Resurrection & Rage Burst.

I think “Tails of” and “Trails of” are diff devs.

You are right my bad!

Tales of*

I win.


I beat it last night. A solid jrpg. Bit too long, but worth it. Recommended.

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I don’t get it. It’s only 20000 hours long.

I did it in just over 120hrs minus smoke breaks. It just doesn’t add any new mechanics after 20hours. If you’re gonna be long, you need to shake shit up every so many hours.

True. Japs forget sometimes that the gameplay is as important as the storytelling.

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