The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

This is my next game! Just another jrpg that happens to be quite good. It’s using an old ass game engine so it could run on a potato. I’m currently running it at max settings at 1440p>60 (usually >120).

Will post more later!

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Well it is an old game. 3 years old actually.

For some reason I’ve never played these games and they never looked interesting to me. Not sure why.

Was just released on steam within the last week. I got a bunch of extra crap dlc because I bought it in the first week. Even 3 years ago the engine is old af though.

I wish they spend more time and money developing games on newer engines so the games don’t look like they are from 1925.

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If it’s this good with shit graphics, imagine how good it could be with a modern engine.

Almost good as Sekiro :grin:

Ever finished the game?

Still playing. It’s bloody good!

Just beat it for the second time. I did it a second time because I couldn’t remember the first due to drunkeness. That said, the devs are assholes. They make the whole thing a shlogg only to leave you with nothing. It just ends. They don’t introduce any new mechanics for the latter 80% of the game. It’s just chores. If any devs are reading this, fuck you. Fuck you in the ear with an uncircumcised dick.