The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch

I got one of these last week and I am addicted to it. I think it’s because it easily fits in my pocket so I just take it everywhere. It has a surprisingly lengthy battery life and it suspends beautifully so you can just squeeze a little in here and there. I’ve never really played any Zelda games before Wind Waker, and only beat that one and BOTW, so these old ones are new to me. I remember my brother playing the first one. Anyhoo, it aged well. I’m really enjoying it!


At the risk of aging myself, I still got my original cartridge of that bad boy. Was my first “big” game I beat when I was a kiddo. With the help of Nintendo Power of course.

I’m trying it guide free and am just wandering aimlessly it’s a good time haha

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This game consumes my thoughts. I think I need to hand draw a map so I can figure out where the heck I am and where I need to go haha. I refuse to use a guide!

Draw a map the old fashioned way.

That’s what I said damn it

Draw it. DO IT.