The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom

So I started playing this about a week ago. I didn’t think I was going to like the new mechanics, but they are actually quite fun and make the weapon breaking way less annoying. Performancewise it seems to run at 1080p60 sometimes with dips some scenarios. I imagine because it’s not hamstrung with a wii-u version. Graphically looks just as good as Breath of the Wild. In fact this feels like an expansion, not a new title. The world does seem to feel waaay to big, at least it does so far. I’m having fun though, will post more later.


I have to say, I think this game is a bit prettier than BotW. Probably shader work in conjunction with not being shackled to the WiiU.

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BEAT IT! One of the best end boss fights I’ve experienced in quite a while! The weapon degradation did get a bit annoying but at least this time around the Master Sword doesn’t degrade. You can bond other weapons/items to it to augment it, but only the thing you bonded to it will break. There were also a couple places where the certain areas that needed the new mechanics to succeed seemed a little janky. Overall though a really good game. If you like Zelda games, you automatically like this game. Oh and the world is super massive, but it works. The reason it’s so massive compared to BOTW is you now have a whole bunch of floating lands in the sky and basically just as much terrain thousands of feet underground (The Depths) as there is at surface level. Sorta like that king kong hollow earth movie.


I wish I liked BOTW. This is the only GOTY game I couldn’t enjoy. Not sure why.