The Life of GX

Hi everyone!

I’ve seen less and less activity here, both on my part, and the part of others over the past few months. I wanted to know if we should keep this ship alive or if we should migrate fully into Discord?

Let me know what you all think!

  • Keep GX alive
  • Move to Discord
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Discord is free-er

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Though, it’s kind of funny you’re saying there is no activity on here and then using something that requires activity to see if we will move.

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Discord…I use it pretty much every day so I’ll be visiting the GX server there more often. Also I can use the Nitro thing to boost the server if we want some flashy animated stuffffffffffffffffffffff

He never said ‘no activity’ bruh. He said less and less :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the most activity we’ve had in months!

I’ll miss this place. I have the GX tab pinned and checking it almost every day since we left Gaming Tribe.


Unless discord has forum-like threads with the ability to migrate all the threads on gx, I prefer this forum. Also I’m not very active this time of year every year as I’m on vacation.

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Yeah, same here heh

same here

Add ads, get more people in, somehow. Maybe?

Angel Munoz please log off


I can keep it up! I just didn’t want to keep it if people were OK moving to Discord :smiley:

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Though it’s chuckly that only one person officially voted to keep it :laughing:

All these people saying they want it!

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The keep it option % increased after I voted and wasn’t zero before I did.

The math doesn’t make sense. Five voters means four make up 80% and one makes up 20%. You have to be the only one!

The math is different in Canada

How active is GX? I mean not posting, but how many of us visit it regularly?
There used to be more than ten people before. Are they alive?

I have discord, but never actually check it for this group. The forum seems more active than the discord. LOL

Also, I prefer the forum format. Discord is good for chatting back and forth, but if you miss something its hard to go back and see it days later. Several of us have completed games threads that we update, and that would be hard to do on Discord.

As an aside, my local gaming group has moved from Discord to Guilded. We like it a lot better, its more conducive to chatting during gaming, its like what discord used to be when it was for gamers instead of everybody.

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