The Order 1886

This was my next game and I just finished it. I’m not sure if I love this game or hate it because of the cliffhanger.
The game is set in alternate history London where werewolves and vampires are a thing. Mix that with a bit of Lovecraftian flavour and you get this game. I love the storyline and the theme of The Order 1886. It gives you that super serious vibe of what The Order does and what they believe in.

However, there is a small thing where I think the game failed and that is how they introduced the characters and more importantly, Galahad, King Arthur’s elite squad knight.

What they did is slapped everyone in the game, without any introduction who they are and what they do and well, that’s it. It’s basically, “fuck you, player, play the game and figure it out yourself who they are” and I didn’t like that because the theme of the game and overall approach of the story is super serious in order for us to figure out by ourselves.

The gameplay is literally Uncharted. You have 2 guns, 2 grenades. You shoot the enemy, they die. Sometimes you jump around things, just like Nathan Drake, sometimes you do stealthy things, just like Nathan Drake. Not bad but also nothing groundbreaking either.

Game is literally 7 hours long and from the 7 hours, you have about 2 hours of cutscenes. So not much gameplay. Which is probably why a good half of the playerbase hated the game.

The biggest problem with the game is the ending. They just left us with a cliffhanger. They ended the game without Galahad not finishing what he wanted to finish. It’s almost like Sony stopped funding the game in middle of development and said “nah fam, just end it” and that’s about it. I hated it more than anything.

BUT the music and visuals of this game are insane. I honestly couldn’t believe it came out in 2015. The game looks better than most of current AAA games out there with all the fancy raytracings and dlsses. I wish they upped the resolution a bit so it doesn’t feel blurry but that’s probably never going to happen.

All in all, good game but nothing special and it definitely needs a sequel or a prequel or both. Never going to happen but I can dream. Solid 6/10

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