The reviews came and so have I


I feel like with every release from this series, they continue to get more silly. Dante break dancing? I liked it when Dante was more serious and the delivery of the game was too. I feel like they’re trying to target a specific audience, like with Nero’s “woohoo” every second as he is skate boarding around. I donno, just has a different feel around it than what I’d prefer.

DANTE was never serious about anything actually. that was his biggest attribute except DMC2 which was a shit game everybody knows. also its your opinion so i respect that :slight_smile:

I donno about that. He was a bit loose and cocky in part 1, but not break dancing, pretending to be Michael Jackson and pure silly. The whole storyline with him saving Trish etc in one was very serious.

I’d say it was never “serious” but it wasn’t always completely ridiculous. One ridiculous thing I did love was playing the electric guitar as a weapon in 3.

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Would have been better as air guitar

Vergil is a better dude anywayyyy