The Room/The Room Two - Another Schlitty Review(s)

The Room Two was my only Steam Halloween Sale pickup. I almost feel bad I didn’t buy the cheap game the day it released this Summer as I liked the original a lot. And $5 USD is quite cheap… But I’m cheap too! And being a patient bum paid off fairly quickly as it was already 50% off on the sale. It was a near identical experience as the first with new rooms and puzzles. I was a little disappointed it didn’t really improve upon the first, but it didn’t go down in quality at all either. So it worked. Both short games that I gave short reviews(2.3hrs and 2.4hrs respectively for me). Figured I’d dig up the first review and plop them both here together. Screenshots aren’t mine, they’re from the Steam store pages of each. Original reviews: One, Two

Both are point and click puzzle games.

alt text

A couple hours of casual puzzling fun.

I love little games like this that just get it right. They know what they are and what they want and deliver it. Perfect atmosphere, clean design, and perfect execution. It won’t blow your mind or even stump it, but its sleek and complete. Any complaints I have would be about either the length or the somewhat lack of difficulty. The price tag, especially on sale, more than makes up for the length. And the lower difficulty still isn’t without it’s rewards. You still feel like you figured things out and accomplished something. It isn’t a breeze by any means but another hour or two of puzzles and some real mind benders mixed in? And boy this could’ve been an all timer! Goes without saying, no replay value either.

But it is a solid package and an afternoon of great entertainment for pocket change. Highly recommend.

alt text

More of the same, but that is a very good thing.

I found The Room Two a little more straight forward than it’s predecessor which is kind of a bummer as The Room was already fairly straight forward. But again, it isn’t without some head scratching and problem solving. Also, it seemed early on that it was going to have a bit more length but ended up almost exactly the same length as the first. Those were my two biggest knocks against The Room; Short and only a mild challenge. The Room Two delivers the same in those departments.

It also brings back everything good about The Room as well. While The Room Two features a little more of a “creepy” or “spooky” atmosphere, it is still as pretty and sleek as the first. Great style. I’ve never played the mobile version but things are clearly cleaned up and ported well here. Runs as clean as a whistle and the simple mouse controls are smooth. Sure I wanted more of a challenge but its still a very clever game that is cleverly designed. The developers know what they’re shooting for with these titles and they execute it well. And the price is absolutely right.

Another afternoon of fun for me delivered by the developers. 2 out of 2! I hope there is more to come. Recommended many times over!

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