The Steam winter sale is live!

The 2016 Steam Winter Sale is live now and runs until 2 pm ET on January 2.

Somebody hide my credit card.


Don’t go below 60%!!!

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ButtStallion Sure! Here… hand it to me I promise it will be safe >.> Don’t mind the charges for Xenoverse… >.> lol

and Origin sale as well xD

One of the best parts of PC gaming? The Holiday game sales, of course! Chop off up to 65% on games in the Origin Holiday Sale:

merry Christmas to my wallet damn it :frowning:


All these damn good sales before I get paid lol. Good thing I haven’t got the money yet, I need to behave this year so I can get my GPU…

I didnt got my paycheck so ill wait next year :smiley:

Hahaha I got rid of my money pretty fast, I can’t do any damage to my credit card even if I wanted to XD

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Decisions decisions. :snowman:

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Exciting stuff! I get paid tomorrow and will hopefully be able to pick a few games up! Merry ChristmaHaunnaKwanzaca!

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