The Wheel of Time series by Amazon Studios

I said years ago this will be the next Game of Thrones. I read the books (last 2-3 books missiong), there are a lot of them but by far this is my favourite fantasy series. Finally something I know something before becoming popular :smiley:

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This will be interesting. I’m glad Amazon is picking it up. They generally put more effort into things instead of just scrapping them if they aren’t immediately a hit.


Wow, really? I just got goosebumps :smiley: This should be fun :smiley: I do have the complete set, just a bit tattered looking hehe :smiley:

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Does that mean I’ll have to subscribe to Amazon Prime? Damn it.

This will be very intriguing. I have the whole set as well, in varying states of destruction. I’ve been trying to get the entire run in Hardcover as a collection & ran out of steam about #6.

Not sure how well it’ll transfer to a series, but at least soemone’s giving it a go & the entire storyline is in place.

And then I read the quotes & then this article & hope dwindles:

I really hope that the premise is not actually the one used for the show, as IMO the books work well with the reader associating with all 5 of the Two Rivers characters& not with Moiraine.

I’m about to put on my “Why you gotta shit on good things?” hat soon.

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I am pumped.

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