The Wolf Among Us 2


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More like “really?”. No one asked for this, let alone anything telltale. They’ve burnt everyone out.

speak for yourself bro. I would love to see this game come out. First one was awesome.

Wolf Among Us is by far their best game. I was down for this when it was announced years ago. But then the whole Telltale collapse happened. I hope there is enough of the original writers that this is as good as the first.

Was announced as a Epic Store exclusive BTW.

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I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because I have read the entire Fable series. So I’m familiar with the story. Would be like someone playing the Witcher stuff, that had already read the books. I already know the ending of the Fables stuff, and would honestly love any game based on that universe.


I am over telltale, though I will probably play the backlog ones I have.

PS: the first one is free on Epic.