Things just refuse to give me any slack...

As I thought things were starting to look up, finally getting full time hours at work, was training for a promotion and pay raise. BAM! Life smacks me straight in the face again. My car breaks down, not only does my car break down, I get ahold of my boss to let him know and see what he can do or think, and without transportation I have been let go. So now really stuck in between a rock and a hard place without transportation and no means to make the money to fix it. It’s times like these that I just want to give up trying. Super depressing and just don’t know what to do. I do know I am getting things together to see if I can get a decent price for my PC so I can hopefully get my car fixed but still leaves me jobless. Have a promising lead I am waiting to hear back from that is within walking distance but that is still up in the air. All the working and crap in between is why I haven’t been really active on here and I apologize but I was just trying to bust my ass and finally get ahead to no avail. Hope you all can forgive my absence here. I will do what I can to be on here more just at that way too familiar crossroad of having to sell the last thing I have of value to try and get by. This is what I have been up to and dealing with. And I apologize once again for not being around like I was.

Only0neKnight Sorry to hear that, that really sucks. Recently we threw a rod and had to come up with $3500 out of $6000 to replace it. Credit cards became our only option. Then as soon as we got the car back we were told we need to replace out belt tensioner. And we still need to replace our rear left caliper mounting bracket and of course… our brakes.

It blows your boss had to let you go, is there no public transit to get around? Can you apply for temporary unemployment?

tat2teel Nothing around me for public transport, I live in a small town outside the capital. So nothing much here with that. And no one I know around here is free during the hours I would need rides. As for unemployment, I could apply but the process up here is so stupid by time I could end up with anything I will prob be back to work already then get reemed for working and collecting. Its just tough all around. Both lower ball joints on my car snapped, screwing most of my front suspension and tires.

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tat2teel I live paycheck to paycheck so 300 to get ball joints and have them put in and an alignment is just not there, then to get a pair of tires after which is another 50-60 a tire. If I didn’t have bad luck id have no luck at all.

Sorry to hear that, hope things improve for you.

Sorry to hear, Jonathan! That’s just ridiculous. That boss is a heartless dick. I hope you can find a job soon!

MysticHydro Same here, fingers crossed and still looking for other places in walking distance. And gratz with all going on for you :slight_smile:

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Only0neKnight weird how come some of your posts are guest and ones since then aren’t?

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ShiftySatchmo I was preparing to close out social media, as my pc is up for sale. Remade my account after first response and check out was a super low ball offer.

Only0neKnight getting rid of your phone too? I only use this on my phone :slight_smile:

ShiftySatchmo Not getting rid of but cant afford next months payment atm so it very well will be off. Internet may be next til I get car and work sorted.

And now lost the job I was after due to technicalities. They hire within before pulling in from outside and the day before I was set to go in and take care of paperwork an employee filed for transfer to take the position. Back to square one, but another opportunity coming Monday after I see my doctor for a stop smoking aid. Hopefully this one pans out, or my landlord wont be too happy come rent time. Stay safe all and best wishes and luck to all endeavors :smiley:

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Only0neKnight I quit smoking 4-5 years ago, it was hard very hard but what I did was cough drops… I bought 2-3 bags a month and every time I wanted a cigarette I would take a cough drop… after a couple weeks it got easier, and easier until I finally had gone six months with out it and found I saved more money that way its how I got my first gaming pc which was a Cyberpower PC from Sears A8-3870k at the time, which was before I built the one I have now.

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Only0neKnight Best of luck! Hoping for some good news for you.