This is it. (End of Bachelorhood)

Tomorrow morning I get married to an amazing woman at 9:50am. This is all @MyLifeForAiur 's fault for giving me FFXIV :stuck_out_tongue: . In all seriousness I wouldn’t trade this for the world.


Congrats :smiley:

Thanks, it was a interesting wedding at the court house. We had a random, weirdo as a secondary witness who offered to stand in cause they required us to have 2 and we had no idea we needed two of them. But all in all it was a breath of relief to finally marry this beautiful woman of mine.


Congratulations man

My condolences

I mean congrats! Women are definitely sometimes very nice!

I sound like a women hater. The disgusting me!

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Congratulations, I’m glad giving you FFXIV was so life changing for you. Enjoy the many years of happiness the two of you will share.

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Bit late :wink: Bot Congrats just the same man!

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