Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

So this is my next game! I’ve actually been playing over a week and just kept forgetting to post about it. It’s not well optimized though. I’m playing at a mix of ultra and high settings @ 2160p>60 (usually > 80). It does offer AMD’s DLSS knockoff but it looks shit. I wish it had DLSS.
Gameplay wise if you like Borderlands games, you like this game. They still didn’t bring back the item grinder so I changed up my play style this time around. I don’t pick up shit unless it’s the right color and of a type that I want to use. At that point if the stats look better than the one I have, I equip it and mark the old one as junk. If not I mark the new one as junk. Just selling those at vending machines has netted me more than enough money for death costs and ammo refills. I also don’t buy any gear. I only use what I pick up. So that takes away a good 60% of gear micromanaging.
So what’s new? Well this one is a game of D&D (they call it something else) between Tina and friends. You create your own character and they just call you noobie. During the cut scenes at the table they have models and miniatures of the world. Purposely made from bits and bobs that Tina could find laying around. For example there’s a quest where a cheeto blocks your path and when you meet Tina’s requirements she eats it. Speaking of which, there’s an overworld where you play with a top-down camera and your character looks like a chibi. When you enter dungeons or realms it goes back to traditional fps gameplay. Weapons also now have the ability to be dual use. I have a sniper rifle with a shotgun mounted on the bottom. I have a pistol that can fire zip rockets from under the barrel. All the weapon types are blatantly the same as previous games but they’re all gussied up to look medieval (as is the rest of the game). There’s also lots of talk between your friends at the table. Sometimes Tina gets pissed off and throws you into a boss battle or kills off a character, etc. There’s also new classes. I started off as a Stabbomancer (basically melee weapon + 1 magic spell + whatever guns you feel like). Then I took on a second class of Brrrrzerker (ice elemental class)… so now my title is Frost SHIVver.
Don’t bother with any dlc. It’s not content, it’s nontent.
Will post more later!

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Beat it last night! It’s pretty fucking sweet if you like Borderlands games. Recommended!

But i dontttttttt

More like BOREDerlands, am I right?! Just kidding. I liked the first two enough, but was kind of over the formula by the end of the second. Though, it has been so long, maybe I would like it again now. History indicates this will be free on PS+ in 5 years, so maybe I will play it then.

If anyone cares, they just released a patch that removed denuovo. Shrunk the exe by 365.83 MiB.