Todays Patch Notes and News

Welcome to a topic where we can just talk about whatever patch notes or update news on existing games came out today, without a new topic for every one of them!!

You can put the game name, what happened when you post that caught your eye, and your thoughts on it, then others can discuss or post other things that catch their eye about other games that day.

I’ll start with the ones relevant to me!


Game - Sea of Thieves -
News - Getting an update on April 30 with story mode, that should last 15-25 hrs, 9 chapters, Arena mode for the BR peeps, and fishing!

Ok, this is awesome news!!! I have Sea of Thieves, and while I really like playing it with @Scavenger something always felt slightly missing. This is it. Co-op story mode!!! It’ll make it like Strange Brigade, (another awesome co-op story game we like!) but with pirates! Arena mode, meh, the whole game is already arena mode, but this will satisfy the people that want a BR mode and are too impatient for to go out and look for other ships. The fishing sounds really really cool. 10/10 for this update that is apparently free for those that own the game already.

Game - Fortnite -
patch 8.30 - Getting a reboot van where fallen teammates drop cards that you can pick up, and then take to the reboot van, and bring them back…

Good gracious, they aren’t even attempting at all to mask a direct copy of Apex Legends! C’mon Epic make your game your own. LOL However this doesn’t really affect me, because the only BR part of Fortnite that I really play is the Team Rumble, large 50 v50 thing.
In Save the World, the part I DO play a lot, we get a new hero. cool. I just got to Canny Valley last night, a friend helped me get there, and its just as hilarious as the rest of the story. Story mode with a friend makes this game for me, I actually hate the BR side of it.

Game - PUBG
patch - got some kind of performance update, and new vehicles for the snow map

Well, if performance is updated, then hoping its a huge difference and is cool. I’d like to say that the reason I can’t hit the broad side of a barn from 10 ft away is due to lag. hahah, we shall see. But it does take forever to load in a map, and sometimes it bugs and stays on the load screen because it takes so long, and thats mentioned in the patch notes as a fix, so hoping for the best!
The new vehicles ought to be cool, because the snow map is my favorite of all of them.
(I’m actually enjoying this game again, now that they made it so I can get keys for all these stupid crates, without paying real money for each one. )

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Oh and forgot

Game - OotOW -
patch - sheriffs and deputies have been added, and startup and departure points for trains.

Sheriffs and deputies are cool, basically anything they continue to add to this game pleases me. This is build on the exact same engine as Conan and Ark, but this game already has my vote as the one I’ll play over the other two. Its in its infancy and its already better. I mean, its the Old West, need we say more? I can build western towns with saloons and barbershops and banks. I have a farm out in the expanse of the old west with a beautiful view, and bison and bear roaming around.

Whats OotOW?



Outlaws of the Old West. Definitely worth it. If you like the Old West, its worth it. If you are ok with the Conan/Ark type engines, this one takes those engines and runs better. If both those statements apply to you, then this is a must have. (but seriously, the devs took that engine, but made the building part of it much easier and more intuitive.)

In other news-


Game - Pathway
News - just released.
Polekatt’s views - already getting good reviews, I will buy this one, but will hold off as I know I won’t play it till I finish Wasteland2.


Game - World of Warcraft
News - announced some big update coming up

Polekatt’s views - Its supposed to be big. But nobody cares about Blizzard or WoW anymore, so nothing to say here, moving along.


I’m sad they are killing Overwatch and WoW because of their esports crap. Both games could’ve stayed gigantic if they continued making content for players and not for pros only.

Is this a dead thread or should I watch it?

Nah, it ain’t dead. It’s just the devs are patching games very rarely because they are nothing but lazy fucks.

Except Riot of course. They are updating the game every 2 seconds

Its not a dead thread. my thought was that other people could use it too, for daily news and stuff.

I only post whats relative or interesting to me, though.

As far as watching it, who knows, thats up to you? I only just sign in a couple times a day and do a quick look to see if any threads have been created on or posted to, I don’t really watch any certain threads.

I post also what’s interesting to me. And that’s like…League of Legends only lol


I had just been away for a while and the thread hadn’t been posted in in a while, so I wasn’t sure.


Game - Planet Coaster


Planet Coaster is getting a Ghostbusters DLC! Its voiced by Dan Akroyd, and has full story mode, where the original ghostbusters show up to rid your park of ghosts, and you can apparently drive Ecto-1!

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Who you’re gonna call? He-Man, He-Man. XD

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Game - Sea of Thieves


Just wanted to chime in and say that Sea of Thieves, after the anniversary patch, is entirely worth it. We have now finished the Shores of Gold questline. I would say we have got at LEAST 30 hours gameplay out of this questline. But we did it without looking up spoilers as much as possible, a lot of the time was taken by us just trying to figure out the puzzles on our own.

That said, some of them are VERY hard. We did have to look up a hint, I think three times, and one time we STILL couldn’t figure it out even with the internet, hahah, and finally just stumbled our way upon it.

The rewards are meh, but the main reward I would say is the fun of doing it. @Scavenger and I love these type of co-op quest / puzzle games, that have a good storyline with them.

Sea of Thieves was a good game with a good infrastructure, just lacked content. Now that it has the content, THIS IS WHAT THE GAME SHOULD’VE BEEN RELEASED AS. Had they started with the game in this condition, it would have gotten much better reviews.

We haven’t tried the arena mode, but even in the regular game, there is no safe zones. You always have to be on the lookout for jerks that want to sink your ship and rob you, and make your life miserable, but… hey, you are pirates and the game IS called Sea of THIEVES. LoL. Just be a better thief and meaner than the other guy.

We are not mean, but we play by the motto, “Don’t start nuthin’, and there won’t be nuthin’.” But if you start it, with us, you better be prepared to finish it, and although we won’t start it, if you start it, we will use every single dirty trick we know to bring it back on you. :slight_smile:

overall great game, entirely worth the price if you enjoy pirates, co-op, puzzles, and don’t mind pvp.

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The only thing that I don’t like in Sea of Thieves is the community. Too many kidsszszs

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Yeah, what’s with kids playing games? Don’t they have jobs?!


Yea, send them to @ShiftySatchmo and he can put them to work building him a new home and lawn work… damn dirty game playing kids! :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing I don’t like about Sea of Thieves is Sea of Thieves

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