Tokyo Xanadu eX+

This is my next game…but I’m worried. If Blue Reflection was a poor man’s Persona 5, this is a poor man’s Blue Reflection. I waited 3 days to even post it was my next game because I think I might end up fizzling out for me and ending up unreturnable abandonware.

That said, I’m running it at 1440p60… I would say max settings but there aren’t any settings beyond res and window type. Also whatever jurassic engine this is can’t comprehend dsr (just zooms in to a native res sized square of the higher res). It also is capped at 60.

Will post more later.

Nope fuck this game. Only moron’s deprived of real games for the last decade could have hyped it so much.

That was fast :smiley:

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I’ve had it for 3 days. 10ish hours of play. Was holding off on posting.

Ahh, I thought it was entertaining that it was such a short time from post to it being shit. I’ve run into that with a few games and just silently weep.