TOP 10 series of your life

  1. Battlestar Galactica
  2. Lost
  3. Fringe
  4. The Sopranos
  5. Firefly
  6. Rome
  7. Black Mirror
  8. Doctor Who
  9. Stargate
  10. X-files
    +1. House of Cards :smiley:

No animes in this list :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. NCIS
  2. The Blacklist
  3. Dr. House
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  6. Person of Interest
  7. Orphan Black
  8. Lie to me
  9. Flashpoint
  10. The Americans

I thought this would be easier … but it is damn hard to just name 10 series -_-


PeaceLeon Orphan Black is great, I love the actress :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Battlestar Galactica - the remake of course
  2. Dr Who
  3. The Unit
  4. Firefly (if they did more than one season this would be higher!)
  5. Game of Thrones
  6. Better Off Ted
  7. House
  8. Band of Brothers
  9. Red Dwarf
  10. Sherlock

Nice list, I always knew we are similar :smiley: Band of Brothers and Sherlock are also very good, sad this this is just a top10 list :stuck_out_tongue:

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ButtStallion I know - I just realised that Gargoyles & Animaniacs failed to make the cut!

  1. Firefly (This is in a class all by itself. Nothing else comes close)

  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  3. Doctor Who

  4. Orphan Black

  5. Copper

  6. Covert Affairs

  7. Friday Night Lights

  8. Longmire

  9. Grimm

  10. Senfield

Game of Thrones gets an honorable mention just for trying. I love and prefer the books over the show.


I like #9 more than the others. Kinda kept me emotional all the time. I like getting all fluffy.

This would be my first top 10 … but list is very long, most of TV series I do have in archive :stuck_out_tongue:
And yeah guys I know that I’m old … You do not need to remind me xD

1 . Star Trek TOS, NG. Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise
2. X-Files 1993 (and of course X-Files Season 10)
3. The Outer Limits (1995)
4. Space: Above and Beyond (1995)
5. Earth: Final Conflict (1997)
6. Stargate SG1, Atlantis, SGU
7. Prey (1998)
8. Threshold (2005)
9. Primeval (2007)
10. Quantum Leap (1989)

And new list or new top XY from 2014-2016


Mark2K77 I loved Space: Above and Beyond, watched it twice already. Awesome ending. And that black hole scene…
Which is the best SG series? I liked Universe and still waiting to somebody continue it.

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ButtStallion I find it hard to decide … Each series had a few good episodes in season … so to be honest SGU is interesting to me because the story is not finished … so somehow I’m hanging between SG1 and SGU … I love story in both :slight_smile:

Mark2K77 But Atlantis has McKay :stuck_out_tongue:


ButtStallion yeah geeky McKay :slight_smile: that character was a funny :slight_smile:

Mark2K77 I had forgotten about Quantum Leap!! I loved that series. And yes, I watched it when it was first run. I’m that old too. :wink:

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ButtStallion said in TOP 10 series of your life:

Mark2K77 But Atlantis has McKay :stuck_out_tongue:

More importantly it had Jewel Staite…

I loved how so many actors from other Sci Fi series’ ended up in the SG universe. It was like the casting directors for SG dredged up the cast lists for those extinct shows.

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I don’t know if they are in order or are 10 in number, but here are some of my favorites.

Deadwood. A must see
Lost. So fkd up but it gave me Evangeline Lilly.
Blacksails. Pirates. Nuff said
Band of brothers. Just…wow
GoT. Well duh
Longmire. Not sure why but I really enjoy it.
Last Man Standing. Because it is me minus one daughter.
Walking Dead
Wentworth. Like Orange is the new black but more real life.
Stargate Universe. Cancelled way to soon…pissed me off.

I have others but these stand out the most.


Ub6 Black Sails last season :frowning:

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Not in any specific order but here we go:

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Walking Dead
  • Breaking Bad
  • Archer
  • House of Cards
  • Doctor Who
  • Sherlock
  • Firefly
  • Are you afraid of the dark. (From my childhood)
  • Trailer Park Boys

I got to 8 easily then thinking of a ninth and tenth was so hard. Made even harder by the whole no anime rule.

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MyLifeForAiur Thumps up for Archer, House of Cards, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Firefly :smiley:
I see, I have to start a top 10 anime series topic xD

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ButtStallion Archer almost didn’t make the list. It was originally South Park but then I remember Archer and decided to swap it out. He’s just such a lovable douche bag. See a just anime list is also going to be hard to come up with 10. Both together would be easy to come up with 10. Maybe too easy!! There is just no winning.