Trials of Mana

This is my next game. It’s basically like if Trine was mixed up with an oldschool arpg. From what I can tell it’s a squeenix backed AA game. Been playing a few hours, story is shallow but still quite fun. Running at 2160p>100 (dsr 1440p, usually locked at 120 because the game forces a cap of 30, 60, or 120). There’s no other graphics option other than window mode.

Will post more later!

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This game is actually really quite good!

I love me some JRPGs. I keep looking at this one, then I remember I have like 4 others I need to finish…

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Whenever you get to it, you’ll enjoy.

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I played the demo on switch and I remember it being pretty good. Not sure if I would ever pay 50 euros for it though.

So far no buyers remorse.

This game doesn’t let things get stale. I like it!

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Good to know!

Beat the main game last night! There’s still more to do after the credits though, so I’m doing that now.

Alright and now it’s fully beat. This is a fucking excellent game! Recommended!

There are a couple more things you can do after the post-credits bit, but it just sounds like busy-work to me.