Tron! in GTAV!!

Hahahaha. That looks wicked fun.

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I jumped in and played this a little bit last night. Its actually pretty fun!

Works like this-

You and three other players are dumped into a cordoned off area. Your cycle emits the light trail, but it disappears after a while, like the contrails of a jet airplane. Your bike can slow down, but even if you let off the accelerator and have the brake full on, it still moves. If you hit any of the light trails, EVEN YOUR OWN, you crash and lose a life. Each round lasts for 5 minutes, and you get 6 crashes. At the end of 5 minutes, the person that has the least crashes wins that round. If there is a tie, all who are tied go into sudden death, where the cordoned off area keeps getting smaller and smaller. All the ones I played were set to whoever wins two rounds wins the match.

The only match I won, was very exciting. It was on the docks. All 4 of us playing won a round, so we went to round 5, knowing that whoever won that round, would win the match. and it was meeeeee!!! :slight_smile: