Unifi Home Network

I’ve been slowly upgrading my home network equipment with borderline pro grade equipment for a while. I ended up on the Unifi line from Ubiquiti. My goal being to have all the equipment for when I someday buy a house and can wire it up with CAT6.

I’m constantly watching their Early Access store for one of these bad boys: https://store.ui.com/products/udm-pro-beta?variant=22025494659161. I managed to order one, but their inventory was busted and they couldn’t get it to me… I mostly just want that fancy IDS / IPS at 5 Gbps :smiley:

I thought you already have a house

We are just renting for now. Some day!

Come make my house better

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And don’t forget the man cave! :wink:

I setup UNIFI, MikroTiks and other stuff after my company moved me in the office… also started doing it as a ‘side business’. If you were closer I’d give you unifi and mikrotik for free.

I’ve got a ton setup already. I just want to replace my USG and CloudKey 2+ with the fancy UDM-Pro.