Until Dawn

Finished this one (again). This time, I was hunting the platinum trophy and it was so much worth it. Game is nuts and the deaths are ridiculous. What’s even better, the game looks and runs way better on PS5 than on PS4 Pro. I’m raising the score for this one to 9/10 because the second playthrough was more interesting and bit more bloody. Play it, you’ll love it.


I started this up to try to keep my PS5 momentum going. It’s so insanely silly that it’s good. As a fan of MST3k/Rifftrax this is amazing. It’s like a bad movie in video game form. The premise, the animations, the writing, the deaths… Absurdly hilarious.


It’s everything it should be.


Finished it off. Lost two of the 30 year old looking teenagers. One by surprise and one because I was too impatient at the end. Might revisit it some time and doom them all. Was a wild game in so many ways. Good times.


You definitely should go for all death run. Some of the deaths are just straight up insane. AND you will get a platinum for that ohoho