So, have had a lot going on! July 5th, I will be working full-time for myself and while I will be doing more than Enos Tech, that is going to be a big part of things! I will start posting my reviews back in here as well as all the normal Social Media places. I am also looking into things like Discord and Patreon for the near future which should both be quite fun! Expect me to start posting more in here very soon :smiley:

I have a couple of things to post in here but will give it a day or so and have a feeling a lot of you have already seen them so in no rush at all : D


ooo! I am excited to see what you post and what kind of cool reviews you do.

Got lots coming up! Have invested highly in myself! It will start off slow for the first couple of months while I clear my back catalogue of stuff, but have loads planned!

Even upgrading my camera to a BlackMagic 6K for better YouTube and Video stuff!

Will be doing some Lifestyle type review stuff as well :smiley: Got some sort of Robot Vac/Mop in that even has a camera so you can watch it work? Sounds crazy but should be fun to play with.

And as always, always looking for people to join the team. Things start off a bit slow but between, news, Press releases, social and Discord, I am going to need all the help I can get soon :smiley:

P.S. hope everyone has been well and is keeping safe!

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