Anyone playing this?

interesting article, given the controversy so far with their cheat detecting software

I do like the fact that they are actually calling them cheaters, and not hackers.

@PeaceLeon and me are playing occasionally. I’m having a hard time to figure out the spray patterns and peekers advantage in the game. Those are different than in CSGO and I keep playing Valorant like it’s CSGO. Which sucks. It’s a good game. I would play it more if @PeaceLeon stopped being an ass because he devoted his life to Warstone TD.

I really hate their anti-cheat and wouldn’t install it because of that.

Kernel level drivers like that are asking for someone to target and take advantage of that. It also gives them nearly full access to everything on your system.

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So that’s why you dont play anything multiplayer?

Most anti-cheat doesn’t install a kernel level filter driver. I do my best to not play any game that does that.

@teh_g thats pretty much the exact reason I or my group have not tried this game.

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I dont have anyone to play with and from CS GO i have learnt that you never know when some idiots are gonna ruin your time if you play alone XD