"video games can still be a waste of time, but for me this waste of time was the best investment to date"

When he mentioned about the online gamer friends, it reminded me all of you nibbas <3

I still hear this sometimes. A few of my coworkers assume I am a recluse, but I spend most of my time gaming talking to other people as well.


Everything is a waste of time. Even me.

I’ve got online friends that I’ve known longer than most of my real friends lol.

I met my best friend while playing killing floor xD thanks games!

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@teh_g you’re a loser

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As someone who enjoys gaming and even takes time off work to play games occasionally, I’d say the only real problem I have with gaming is when someone plays enough to stop taking care of themselves or lets important real life things fall by the wayside. That’s pretty rare though. Moderation is good!


well not that rare,i do that often :3