[Video] God of War Leviathan Axe

I thought this explanation of why the axe in the new God of War was so satisfying was cool. Check it out.

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That was cool. It is a great weapon indeed. The fist and shield combat feels awesome too in a similar way.

Yeah, while I was watching the video I realized that was what felt so good about the combat, their animation is great for it. This game is great.

I’m avoiding anything God of War related because I want to play it blind as hellll. But what I want to know isss… Are there any other weapons other than the axe?

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I haven’t finished it, but you have your axe, your son’s bow, then some magic (“runic”) abilities.

I have a son now? :scream:
Well, if the axe is good as you say, maybe Kratos doesn’t need anything else. Would love to see a hammer or something heavy :flushed:

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You get to punch everything in the face and smash things with a shield too.

If you aren’t using the hand to hand combat at all you are missing out. It helps a ton and you earn rage faster.

I just forgot to mention hand to hand. I use it to build stun and do the sick R3 moves.

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