Viking: Battle For Asgard

Hey everybody! I made a Should You Play video for Viking! A good game overall, but not ground-breaking experience. Just another hack&slash game, but it’s quite fun when you get down to it! Have a watch folks! Video is rather short, I am thinking of doing that length for those types of videos, tell me what you think!

The skirmish scenes reminded me of Dynasty Warriors. Looks like it could be good for me to play some day!

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teh_g Good eye… Good eye… Well, I only owned one Dynasty Warriors title back in the PS2 (think it was the 5th installment) so I didn’t make that connection. Yeah, now that you think about it, they are kinda similar. However, the biggest difference has to be that one is pure chaos, you can literally demolish everyone and large armies with relative ease, while in Viking you are dependent on your fellow soldiers. I attacked a large patrol group of those undead monsters and they literally destroyed me in seconds.