Virtual Memory(Pagefile) Size

Alright, im currently using Windows 10 Pro x64. I have a question about Virtual memory, I was looking at mine and its set to 2432mb by default, now I have tried researching this and have to no idea how much I should use? I read 16gb I should disable it and I have read that min 1.5x and max 2x the current amount of ram I have installed. Anyone know how this works should I turn pagefile off? is memory dump a bad thing? should I set the min to 1.5x my currently installed ram and max of 2x? I know back on Windows 7 I used the 1.5x and 2x cause windows used alot more ram for some reason then it seems to now.

Memory dumps aren’t necessarily a bad thing, however the dumps start occurring mainly when the OS runs out of RAM space :slight_smile: Which in your case shouldn’t happen that fast, but it can happen if you have a rouge app :slight_smile:

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Then the question remains, is there a certain size that works best? Should I go with the 1.5x the amount of currently installed Ram as minimum and 2x as maximum? Also is it wise to move the pagefile from the main Partition over to say a 2nd hard drive where I have more HD space?

I currently have it at 1x to max 1.5x , you can move it to the secondary drive, shouldn’t be an issue :slight_smile:

The default values should be perfectly fine. Most times you won’t need the page file. Windows knows how to manage it.