Wangs out for Harambe ;)

Some 10 Minutes and 48 seconds long i recorded me playing some Shadow Warrior 2 …

Eyepatch PC Deluxe Version, but i guess i just killed a few territory bosses aswell.

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And then i played some more erm Wang :wink:

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Eyepatch This game is as far as i know a PC game and on PC you don´t play shooters with a controller :wink:
Mouse and Keyboard … i used relatively unexpensive gear: a Havit KB379L Mechanical Keyboard with Otemou Blue switches and a Perixx MX-1800 Optical mouse wich has a Avaga ADNS 3090 sensor.

P.S.: I use the the same peripherals to play Rocket League or even Dirt Rally on PC :wink:

Eyepatch You should probably stop guessing … you are not good at it XD
And no it is a Havit KB378L Keyboard