WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition

So this is my next game! It’s one of the few self-published Warriors games Koei Tecmo didn’t completely fuck up. Runs at max settings at a solid 60 because they’re using some janky old engine that can’t do more than 60. Video cut scenes are low res, low quality, and 30fps. In-engine cut scenes are also locked to 30 because reasons and therefore look like ass in their own jarring way…that said the gameplay is solid. If you like warriors games, you’ll like this one.
Oh, watch out. They reverse the cancel and accept buttons to be backwards like nintendo games. When you boot it up for the first time it will ask you for permission to create a save file. Hit the opposite button of what your brain thinks of as “accept/yes/acknowledge”. The save file will be created and you can then go into the options and unreverse accept/cancel inputs. Note this setting is part of your save file so you must hit the wrong button first before saving will work.
Will post more later!

I’m still genuinely surprised you keep buying Koei games on steam :')

Not all of them are broken lol. I also enjoy knowing the ones I return cost them money for the charge back.

Holy shit there’s a lot of missions. Beat it, recommended if you like warriors games. One of the few self-published KT games I didn’t return. Not a glowing review, but it is what it is.

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I need to start playing more musou games. Always a good fun.

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