Watch this before religious fuckwits have it taken down.

The First Temptation of Jesus Christ

(english subs, satire/comedy)

I really don’t know where is the border where is it okay to make fun of religious characters and when not. Seems like the Jesus simulator is okayish, but gay Jesus is bad. Jesus and Santa giving legalized cocaine to the people of South Park in the last episode is again seems okay. Sooo random.

I watched it soon after posting. It’s far less about gay than most other things. It’s a literal satire of the bible. That said it’s just as fictional as the bible. It’s also hilarious. Recommended! If it was a satire on anything else an entirely different group of fuckwits would be mad. That’s all there is too it. No matter what you do, snowflakes bitch. If you like funny, you like this movie.

Well either it was removed or Netflix Europe don’t have that movie.
update: typed it wrong, found it :smiley:

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You think the entire bible is fictional or just pieces of it?

All of it. The original was written hundreds of years ago in a language that wasn’t english. Back then only priests and nobility could read. The general populace just had to trust what they were being told. It was bent and twisted to make the people do what the powerful wanted. Then as years went on the book was translated and tweaked thousands of times over until recently when they decided it was too bloody and they overhauled it to “the new testament”. From there more tweaks and translation.

So the bible isn’t the word if god in any way shape or form. Everything I’ve written is true of all religions. 99% of all wars are about whose made up god is better.

You don’t need a book to be a good person. If you feel you need a how to guide, write “Don’t be a dick!” On a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. That’s all the documentation you need. Religion is a voluntary mental disorder.

So might as well laugh about it. Watch the movie.


And what about the aliens?

They’d probably like the movie too.

I thought about not posting anything, but I’d be remiss to sit here and not say anything at all.

Personally I am a Christian, and I believe the Bible from end to end, literally.

No need to elaborate, you’ve already made your feelings known, and thats ok.
But if you ever have any questions or would like to discuss it without insulting or laughing at me, feel free.

If you’re a level headed Christian, you would like the movie. If you can’t make fun of yourself, you shouldn’t be allowed to make fun of anything. Also, you can’t judge a movie you haven’t seen regardless of it’s content. Spend 40min, it’s a hilarious movie.

If my words don’t make you want to sign a change.gord petition, you’re not in the camp of snow flakes flipping their shit over the movie. Satire is satire.

I’d heard of the movie before, but I’ve never seen it. And you are correct, I would not judge it without seeing it myself. I don’t watch a lot of movies anyway, so there are quite a few on my list before watching one just to make a call on it. (seriously, took me several yrs after dvd release to see the last star wars movie before this one. :slight_smile: )

As for making fun of myself, or laughing at myself, I suppose different people have different viewpoints on things. I’ll gladly discuss with you, as long as you don’t mock/laugh at me or call me names. But most true Christians will make fun of themselves with no problem, but draw the line when making fun of God/Jesus himself, even satire. Thats pretty explicitly stated as a no no in the Bible.

The movie was okay, funny, not terrible, not the best but a good 40 minutes. It was hard to follow with the original brazilian dub and english sub. if it was a game i would give it a solid 5/10 but petitioning to ban the movie is harsh. What is next, burning books? Who wants to watch it can do it anytime, who decided this is herecy don’t watch is, simple as that.

I’m not looking for a discussion, just saying the movie is funny and won’t magically take your christianity away. The people freaking out about it need to take a chill pill.

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I have faith but I tend to keep it private. I mean I have something what I firmly believe in but I’m not gonna force it on other people or argue about it. I ain’t mad either, this world is going downhill and to pieces already way too much. As some say: " To each their own"… also there are better and far prettier things in life to lose my time than waste it on pointless arguments or discussions.