WD Enterprise SE 2TB, 3,5 64MB cache (WD2000F9YZ)

So a guy is selling the WD Enterprise SE 2TB, 3,5 64MB cache (WD2000F9YZ) never used, with warranty till 12.2020 for 85€.

Yay or Nay?

If you need a drive for backups or a server then sure its okay, but they come with a 5 year warranty new, so why is his only until next year? Is it really new and never used?

That price is only 17 Euro cheaper (based on CDN pricing) than new. I would say its not worth it.

According to him and the pictures it was bought for a server (12 pieces total, he’s selling 2) in 12.2015, and still packaged in the original anti-static bag. For me a new that type is 105€ ISH. I need a replacement for that crappy sshd that failed :slight_smile: