Weight Update.

For thoughs who know what I have been struggling through to loose some weight, at my last weigh in 2-3 weeks ago I was 290lbs for a 40lb loss from the original 330 I started at. Today, I weighed in at 283lbs making my 250 goal by christmas only needing to loose another 33lbs.

Good on you bro! It’s awesome to hear about the progress you and Steve have made. I myself am working on some weight loss, aiming for 250lbs and standing at 6’3 (1.9 Meters) Let us know when you hit that goal and congrats on all the progress you’ve made!

tat2teel Im 5’3 and atm 283lbs so I could stand to loose another 108lbs lol

Great job my friend, keep up the good work.