Hey guys,

Welcome to the new Enos Tech Reviews part of the forum. For the most part I will keep this strictly for reviews, though I may share some news articles and press released from my site from time to time.

Major thanks to teh_g for hooking this all up and I will make sure to get using it soon as I have plenty of reviews coming, some of which are:

Peripherals (always have loads of those)
Nitro Concepts Gaming Chairs
CPU Coolers, both AIR and AIO
Dash/back up camera
Gaming laptop
and much more as time goes by, those are just what I have in and can remember off the top of my head.

I really look forward to seeing and hearing everyone’s opinions on my reviews and if all goes well, I have some super secret stuff all planned out!

Again thanks to all, especially teh_g!

Did you made a review on any kind of cheap mechanical keyboards ? :smiley: I am considering replace my China one for something cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

ArsonSami I haven’t done one that I wouild consider’cheap’ just yet. The cheapest one I reviewed that I could recommend is the Rantopad MXX… See - http://www.enostech.com/rantopad-mxx-gaming-mechanical-keyboard-review/

However, if you are just looking for a cheap mech board, look for one with Kailh switches as they are normall much cheaper than those with Cherry MX switched. Also, Mionix has been running great promotions here in the UK on their Zibal keyboard, so may be worth looking into as they are quite reputable.

LetsGetIt1220 Thank you, I will check more. Here every little thing is over priced and import duties,tax etc is a killer so not worth it buying in most of the cases. :smiley:

No thanks for me for suggesting this? :frowning:

Personally I would like to see for a decent MOBO, preferably for i-7 Intel CPU. It will be a while still since I will be able to afford a new PC but I want to start planning ahead of time.

I did say thanks to all :smiley: and TBH, I had the idea since the forums came out and even posted it in another thread, was just waiting for things to settle, but still Thank you!

As for Mobo, I am hoping to have some more X99 and Z170 reviews soon here. My have to put my foot in a couple asses and hurry things up a bit :wink:


LetsGetIt1220 I was only kidding anyways mate :stuck_out_tongue:

LetsGetIt1220 Wish you all the best here too :slight_smile: :thumbsup_tone1:

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