What do you guys think I should sell this for?

Howdy folks!

In a bit of a bind here (About to have my electricity shut off,) so I’m trying to resell some old computer stuff. All of it is pretty old but one thing I have is a red lanboy air case. Newegg doesn’t have a price listed anymore and the only Amazon listing for it is ridiculously high. This is an ebay listing someone else posted that has the right case in it, mine is just a bit older, missing some hdd suspension things, and has a bit of ware on it. Just looking for estimates here, not trying to sell it here.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antec-Lanboy-air-Red-Black-/122029799837?

tat2teel That must collect so much dust…

If it is missing parts, see if you can find out how much replacements are and subtract that out from the cost? If one with all the pieces is $100 I’d aim for like $60? I am too generous sometimes with stuff like that though.