What is too much?

I just got home from getting my wife’s Christmas gift. I like to get her stuff all year and Christmas usually is a bit better but not overboard. Until now.

So what is to much in your opinions? Now let’s keep the “no price on love” out of here because well…duh. :slight_smile:

Concubine to help relieve her of some of her sexual duties?

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I usually just go with the flow. Most of the time I overspend for what I wanted to spend on people, but not overspending meaning out of money… just over spending based on what’s to be expected. Life is so short though, so if you can, why not shower those you love with some nice stuff? Makes working hard worth it


sir_diealot And reduce my time with her? For shame.

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syncrosis Great words from a great man.

A nice shiny necklace with plunty of diamonds :wink: or maybe a new car :wink:

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gorkie A new car is kind of redundant as her’s is only a year old, and a bracelet is not her style.
I do like your thinking though…maybe her birthday.

I would say too much would put you in debt and cause problems and stress down the road, which in turn would ruin your marriage all because you wanted to be nice. :laughing: :dancers:

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gifts on holidays are overrated. My wife and I aspire to the fact that we just give things on whims all year long. Treat every day like Valentines day or Christmas or Thanksgiving. then on the actual holidays just concentrate more on time with each other or the real reason for that holiday. less stress that way.

I tend to give people what I think they want/like and they will use, if its within my ability, more than concentrating any type of monetary amount. If I can’t afford it, then I don’t worry about it.

oh, and all that said, its still way fun to give gifts at Christmas. not against it or anything if it sounded that way, in rereading that. haha

was just trying to say that I don’t worry about if its too much or too little. if I wanna give her (or anyone) something, I don’t really worry about the amount, for me its more, will they like it and will they use it.

Here’s my 2 cents. I would go for a concert of her favorite band. Even if you don’t listen to it. From my experience women love to spend some quality time together with their man, rather than get a usual gift. :smiley:


zmajuga quality time… gross


shiftysatchmo Yeah that would be silly, but sadly some people actually do that. :frowning:

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polekatt Re read my post… I/we give eachother things throughout the year as well.

Spending within ones means is important no matter what the occasion or non occasion is, I learnt that early in life. :confused:

zmajuga Was going to get her tickets to the Eagles, but at $99 plus tax and service charge etc etc it was just not worth it as we have both seen them twice.

ub6 said in What is too much?:

sir_diealot And reduce my time with her? For shame.

It would give her more time to do dishes and clean house!

a 10 year supply of her favorite perfume is too much :wink:

sir_diealot But that is my job… I would be bored then.

meffflenn Yeah it tends to go stale after a few.

ub6 But just think, then you would have more time to … clean out the garage!

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