What's this?

Just Geran trying to get in your phone to steal your data.


I would use an app if there was one. I’ll wait for Geran to explain.

Just click it and see what happens! What could go wrong?

Accually it puts GX on your phone, with a shortcut I have it

So it’s not an actual app then?

Yeah, it must have come in the new version I updated to. I suspect it is just using the browsers ability on phones to act like an “app”, when in reality it is just an instance of the browser with notifications.

So more than a shortcut, less than an app?

I think so? I haven’t used it at all.

That’s odd considering you can already make a shortcut to it, which I did long ago.

Can someone verify what it actually does so i know if I want it or not?

It’s a shortcut and nothing else

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And now I can dismiss the popup. : ]

I mean, the shortcut makes it like an app without notifications because it treats it separately from the browser and loses the navigation bar and such…so it’s like a fake app?


You really want it to be an app, don’t you?

I just pretend

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