When Nvidia's Gaming Experience is drunk

Yes, sure Nvidia, it took me 10 minutes to get a fixed 60 fps minimum in every situation.
Update: Texture is on high and still good.

This is my experience -
Load 3.0: Looks good, optimises all my games except GoG folder. Get it to include to GoG folder. Optimise Witcher 3. now all of my games say optimised.
New driver comes out. Download new driver with clean install. Restart PC
Restart GeF Exp 3.0 no games are optimised & Witcher 3 is missing. Check game scan path & my GoG folder is included. Delete path & reinstall path to GoG .
Witcher 3 now detected. All games still state “unable to optimize”
Start playing Witcher 3- Ansel tool is unable to launch. Completely dead in the water.
Perform Game Verification on Witcher 3 in case the previous “optimization” ruined something, had to re-download what appeared to be 2.1Gb of corrupt files.
Relaunch Witcher 3 - still no Ansel
Reinstall NVidia Driver with another clean install. Restart PC
Witcher 3 still present in library - good; launch Witcher 3 - Ansel working again.
So now my library sits there with hideous grey warning icons in the top corner which I can’t get rid of because none of my games are able to be optimized for reasons that are unable to be explained.

Now this optimization isn’t really an issue beyond the fact that the new GeF Exp launches directly into this screen & is what you see first, and there is no way to remove the warning icons. As such for me it’s a failure & is style over substance. I won’t be using it beyond an update tool. It runs in the background so I can use ShadowPlay & Ansel, that’s all.

Apparently they cleaned up the system usage of it, but I didn’t really notice it in the first iteration, because anything has to be better than the RAM & CPU devouring whore that is Razer Synapse. Which ata leats also gave you a chat option and a 3d surround sound virtualization software too.

Sgt_T8ie I never had problem with game folders disappearing. I just hate when I install the new Nvidia drivers and this fcuk is auto optimizing my games at 1440p or 4k upscale res. I did not asked for this :smiley: I want my games to optimize at 1080p. :smiley: But sometimes the optimization is totally shit, just like with Witcher 3. If I do as he suggest, I would play this 20 fps avarage on a 970.

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ButtStallion yeah - there’s complaints about that. there’s an option somewhere to turn off the DSR (?Dynamic Super Resolution?) I haven’t searched for it though.

All in all NVidia crowbarring shit in where none of us asked for it. It also smacks of the whole Windows, “we’ll make it easier for you, so you don’t need to think, or question” way of removing user control. Gone are the days, where if you wanted to get the most out of a system you needed to do research & become a “power-user”.