Who here is X3Na on Steam?

Sent me a trade offer but don’t recall who this is.

DANTE knows her

They are not asking for anything in return but I am very concerned doing trades with people I do not know, have heard so much about accounts being hijacked and so on through trades. Truth is I don’t even have the money to get the game with coupon they are offering, I am trying to figure out how to pay for my medication and the coupon expires before I get paid anyway.

its erased. idk she is pretty cool and matured enough. i think it was by mistake or maybe she knows u? lets wait for her explanations ? :3

Lol… its my account, sent discount coupon cuz this game was in your wishlist. Nothing else.

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sir_diealot would have gifted the game(with coupon applied) if there were no country restrictions.

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erased Thank you very much for the offer, I do appreciate it, but as I said above I won’t have the money to get it before the coupon expires.