Wireless earbuddies

To be honest, I’ve never had any wireless earbuds thingies. My AKG wired headphones just died on me so I decided to buy these wireless whatever they’re called things because I can’t workout without music destroying my ear drums.

So you have any earbuds? Are they good? I know that the wired headphones are definitely better than anything wireless but…I will change my phone to a Note 20 Ultra probably next month and that thing doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack…so yeah, yeah.


I have some I got for my birthday that I like. I think @sYnCroSis told my parents to get them for me. Monster or something. Surprisingly solid.

I got some Pixel Buds for running. I like them.

I assume Monster is the name of the earbuds and not Josh/parents.

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Working out. Nice! Show us your 8-pack bod.

I like beer too much, so I have to work out to make up for it.



I have 2 pairs of LG HBS 780 I enjoy them a lot especially when I have to work something horrendous.

That’s literally the first time I’ve seen such headphones. Interesting. What do the 2 little dildos do around your neck? Is that the bone conducting thing people talk about?

Earbuds…forget it, use some quality headphones ffs. Or stop working out but dont messacre sound quality, Spotify can do that alone.

Normally I would say the same. But live buds are nearly as good as the freaking Logitech g935 I have. And my expectations were low as hell. I am not an audiophile so I dont give a damn about sound quality as long as it is what it is on spotify.

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It just goes around your neck and you have two small dildamoons which go in your ears, battery is really good. Never had any issues with them would recommend 10/10.