Witcher 3 suggestion

i am almost at the end of base game. So next which DLC should i start first? hearts of stone or blood and wine? and why?

My best screenshot till now <3. ANSEL is good

It doesn’t matter. 2 different stories. But you should keep in mind that the level requirement for HoS is ~35. (assuming you want to continue with your current gear and cash)

Also, I think the level requirement for Blood and Wine is the same as in HoS but not too sure.

Katsuo both DLC requirement lvl 32…and i am 34 already :slight_smile:

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DANTE I would do Heart of Stone first. It really doesn’t matter but all seems to follow a nicer flow following how they were released. Plus I think you will get a nice kick out of it :slight_smile:

Heart of Stone = Awsome

I liked Heart of Stone better. I started with that one. Maybe change the order to play the better dlc last :smiley: But maybe my taste is different.

Heart of Stone definitely. :smiley: