Woah - My name is Josh and I smell like lavender


Only @DANTE is allowed to have terrible topic names :wink:

(That means I edited the topic name)


Might be a good thing.

I guess I have an xbox now.


A case of Microsoft and Nintendo being smart and making money together. Sony should put PS Now on Switch to compete and boooom! We win.

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i dont always give terrible topic names. but when i do i make sure everyone gets to complain about it xD


That’s awesome even if I don’t own a switch. Now I’m hoping Nintendo starts a paid service for Xbox One where they charge a monthly fee for all the classic Nintendo games you get with your online switch subscription. Even if I already own a NES, and SNES classic.

I can’t argue with the latest topic title edit.

Oh boy, seems like I will be spending a lot of coins this year on switch games. Finally.