Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Looks like I don’t have the privileges to post pictures. Don’t know what’s up with that issue. Thanks to Spinalfailed for gifting me this game for my birthday a couple of years ago (maybe it was Wolfenstein: The New Order which will be next). Anyways here’s my thoughts on Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

It’s a fairly short game which I knew going into it because it’s suppose to be a prequel to The New Order (correct?). Howlongtobeat.com said it was averaging 6 hours to complete. I completed it in 6:30 because I did some scavenging and couldn’t figure out to kill the final boss. Once I got to the final boss, I actually didn’t realize this was it. I guess my sense of gameplay time was off but it did make sense for the story and plot.

The gameplay itself was nice. I’ve never played a Wolfenstein game. It was actually nice to play a Bethesda game that wasn’t open world RPG. I find myself never completing those games even though I love them. I’m still working on Skyrim and Fallout 4 which I have over 160 hours combined plus still working on Witcher 3. I don’t know if I’ll ever complete them. Maybe Fallout 4. In Old Blood, there is a decent amount of sneaking around even though you are loaded to the gills with guns. On some levels, you have to take out the generals so they don’t sound the alarm. I only did it a couple of times because it was taking too much time. It was easier sometimes to run and gun. But that also meant I died and couple of times getting surrounded by reinforcements. There were a couple miniboss endings to levels that I honestly don’t know how I survived. The heavies can really lay a whooping on you.

The story/plot was interesting. I just wish they did more with it. At the same time, there are those games or even movies that just drag out the story line when you can cut it in half. I think this was a good story and game for those that want to have a decent story and have the satisfaction of completing a game. I think that’s why I like Tomb Raider and Max Payne 3. Stories were good and they were under 15 hours for completion. I think that’s why I stop playing open world RPGs because there’s too much to do and no sense of when I’ll complete it. I think the best games I’ve found for story plus open world are the Far Cry series. I loved Far Cry 3 and 4. But anyways, I’m diverging.

I think this is a really well done game by MachineGames and Bethesda. The environments, story and gameplay were perfect. There are some challenges you can do which are not part of the campaign. They are all set in certain levels of the game. I may try them at some point so there’s some extra gameplay in it. There are also difficulty settings and campaign challenges that I haven’t completed so for those who have to get every Steam reward, there’s more. Overall, I highly recommend the game. Now to install Wolfenstein: The New Order.


You have to pay $50 a year to post pictures, duh!

Just kidding, everyone should be able to post pictures. teh_g will figure it out.


Don’t forget about this one. You have to play all Wolfenstein gamessss

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katsuo Yeah, it looks really good. I never pre-purchase games or buy them right when they come out. I’m too cheap. LOL But those trailers made me want to get into the Wolfenstein games so I started with Old Blood. Chopping away at this backlog.

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mystichydro I wish Wolfenstein was playable for me. Been trying to get it to work for over a year. Some crashing issue with AMD cards. No matter what I’ve done to fix it, it always fails.

syncrosis that sucks! I had that happen with Fallout New Vegas. It was so freakin choppy! I researched and changed a bunch of setting but I couldn’t get it to play correctly.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order is a lot of fun. They just throw you into it! I’m running around like crazy! I’m focusing more on the challenges to open up new perks. Visually it’s pretty good. I’ll be playing this more tomorrow. Time for bed.

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syncrosis really odd seen as I played them on my 290,390 and 480. I think there was a fix I had to implement due to shitty frame rates though

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spinalfailed if you ever remember what that was, plz lemme know. There are some fixes out there, just never worked for my system.

syncrosis I’ve been feeling crappy the last few days but when I feel better I’ll look for I did.

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syncrosis I’m pretty sure it was this that I did I think I also turned settings down to medium.

Open your install directory, and rename WolfNewOrder_x64.exe to WolfNewOrder_x86.exe. Then right-click on it, click Properties, and set it to run as admin. Now launch the game by double-clicking on the executable (not via Steam) - you should still get achievements and cards and such.

Should also work for Old Blood.

Most important in-game graphics settings for AMD users are max PPF and shadow resolution. Turn these down as low as possible, they shouldn’t negatively affect visuals much but turning them up is a huge performance hit (at least for team red). Also try turning screen space reflection off if it’s on.

If that doesn’t work, I haven’t tried this yet but: try using RadeonPro to disable CatalystAI, here’s how to do this http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2657535

Or try things from these links. I really wish I could remember what I did.

A few pages in (on mobile anyway) there are some other options to get it to work using a batch file and some other stuff.


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spinalfailed thx brother, will try this out.

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