Wolfenstein: Youngblood

So this is my next game. It’s crazy optimized! Running at max settings at 2160p>60 (dsr 1440p, avg fps >80).

The game doesn’t feel like a Wolfenstein game, but rather, a game in which Duke Nukem’s daughters crossed over into the Wolfenstein universe…and I like it.

My only complaints are the single player mode technically doesn’t exist, had to host a game with the network mode set to offline. That and the missing ability to manually save.

Will post more later!

Beat this last night. I liked it, but there’s a lot of butt hurt fanbois on the steam forums. They don’t like the rpg elements, they just want their shootie shootie bang bang. Other’s are just annoyed the story isn’t that deep.

I enjoyed it but the only things that annoyed me is that you have to host an offline game to play single player instead of a straight up option for single player. Also there’s no manual save. Other than that it was pretty fun. Recommended.

Not a fanboi, but IMO game is utter crap. 4/10 max (if I’m in a good mood) otherwise lower, but it’s good to have different opinions. :slight_smile: