Woot Changes coming to my PC.

My uncle has decided this day, to offer to loan me the money for a 120gb SSD and pay him back in installments. So I ordered a 120gb AMD R3 Radeon SSD for 39.99 on Newegg. I didn’t want to look greedy and ask for him to give me enough for a 240gb instead, he was just so thrilled to have his credit cards he had been denied for for years now until recently when he got approved for 2 of them. I can’t wait to put the OS on this baby… max write 360MBps and Read 520MBps… even have enough room left for 1 maybe 2 games.

That will be so helpful. The OS being on an SSD makes it crazy fast.

You should record your face the first time it boots up :smiley:

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LetsGetIt1220 Well first I will need to install Windows… but ill see what I can do I do have a tablet after all with a video recorder.