Would like your opinions on New Motherboard - Time Sensitve!

I put this in a new thread because I’ve only got a week to make a decision and I didn’t know if everyone would see just an update on the other thread or not.

If you’ve read the other thread, you know all the stuff I’ve been going through with my new PC build

TLDR: PC Is cutting off at random, with no load. Not shutting down, its cutting off, just an abrupt loss of power.

I’ve tried everything except for replacing the motherboard and cpu.
suspected causes-
Bad motherboard
Bad ASUS drivers somehow geeked everything up.

SO FAR, it has not cut off, since I formatted the drive, reinstalled windows, and did not install drivers with the ASUS software. I’m not entirely sure I got all the drivers I needed installed, but it seems to be working at the moment.


My son contacted MicroCenter and they said that they will replace the CPU and motherboard for me, AND, I can change the motherboard to a different comparable one if I want. But July 8 is the last day I can do this, and July 1 is the only real day we have that will be easy to drive to Atlanta and do this.
Given all the recent hate for ASUS, and my own bad experience with Armory Crate, I’m leaning on changing to a different brand.

So what would you guys do/go with?

The current one I have is the ASUS z790-E ROG Strix

I need a Z790 for my 13th gen intel cpu, I need DDR5 support, I have G.skill Trident Z5 - 6000, and I have an M2 drive, so need support for that. Other than that I simply want something stable, that I won’t have to replace soon.

Looking at microcenter’s stock, here are my choices-




That MSI one looks pretty good. But what would you guys do, and why?


I’ve had good luck with Gigabyte products and heard good things about ASrock as a whole. Otherwise, I generally consider most motherboard brands to be similar.

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I can recommend Gigabyte. I’ve been using gigabyte since forever. Not sure how their customer service is though. Never needed one :stuck_out_tongue:

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the only thing about the Gigabyte one is that the reviews keep mentioning problems with G.skill memory, which is exactly the type I have.

I was leaning towards the MSI one just because it was the only one with no bad reviews at all, the only problem with it seemed to be people saying update the bios.

I haven’t heard anything bad about MSI in the last few years, thats for sure. All I know is that some people do not like the dragon logo that’s on all their hardware.

The only thing I’ve had from MSI was the 24" curved monitor and that thing was a beast. Still is!

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LOL I actually prefer the dragon logo, that would be a plus for meeee!

But… it looks like the MSI one is the only one of those they do not have currently in stock. Probably because everyone wants it.

I have an email right now, waiting to see if they will transfer one from another store for me to get. If not, looks like I’ll be stuck with -

A) exchanging for the exact same thing, and dealing with ASUS software and staying away from ease of use
B) the Gigabyte one which has some decent reviews, except all of the few negative reviews mention problems with the memory that I have and a few other things that I actually want to be priorities
C) the ASRock one, which I can find barely any reviews on at all.

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I have an MSI motherboard in my current build, that I built last year. I’ve had no issues, and I’m quite happy with it.