WoW Classic Release Date Announced!

Looks like August 27th we can all go back and cry at how horribly mechanics were in Classic.

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I cant wait to yell all day in Iron Forge “LFM for Upper Blackrock Spire” oooh the memories !!! lol

Pff, you should yell about how the filthy Alliance scum should all perish.

I will see you in AV Geran :skull_and_crossbones: lol, no but honestly i will come back for some casual 5 man content and grind some blue tier 0, still got buddies from 15 years ago that will come back for the classic.

Probably gonna play it for a month then leave it so I can play Shadowbringers for a month. Then I’ll leave that too and go back to League of Legends because I’m just stupid.

I am pumped to beat you because I found some amazing grey quality shoulders.