Wrap-Up Playstation 2022

Sheesh, only 310 hours played on PS5 this year with Horizon being my most played title. 9 platinum trophies. 2022 was so rough for me, had no time for anything :confused:

Hopefully you guys had more time to play games than I did.

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I played 63 hours. Get on my level!


I can’t find this on my ps5 nor the app.

try this

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EHHHH no thanks boomer

definitely more than 157

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I’m a filthy millennial like you (?). I actually forget how old you are haha

are you sure you are a millenial? :laughing:

I’m like 40 years younger than you. I’m 30.

the hell did I just write

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I’m 36, bub


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Apparently the cut off is 1981. Born before that and you’re gen x. I think there should be sub categories. 80s kids are nothing like 90s kids etc.

I was born in 1984, just in time for Skynet’s first attempt on killing Sarah Connor.

I don’t exhibit any millenial characteristics. When people say “Ok boomer” to me, I say “Ok tide pod.” .

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I don’t get a wrapped for falling under 10 hours played this year.