I’m like a million years late but I just got into X-Wing miniatures and it’s a super addictive game. Anyone play?

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Play it? I’ve never even heard of it.

Really? It’s pretty popular around here. It’s a turn based strategy game.

I always wanted to try or buy it, but my friends are not big Star Wars fans. We play a lot of board games but usually the girls choose. :smiley:

You’ve never heard of it because like me, you’re not the nerdiest nerd guy ever



My wife is a closet nerd and plays it with me


Where is my downvote button? :open_mouth:

Not closet anymore now that you’ve exposed her nerdisms

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Now it makes sense.Never been into tabletop games. You need real life friends for those. That of which I have none.

You have me bubuuuu

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He said real life. Everyone knows you’re trapped inside a pc


do you like it?

I’ve heard of it, but never tried it.

When we played tabletop strategy like that, Mage Knight was the game of choice.

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I’m addicted

Barnes and Noble has a bunch including the core sets for 50% off

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@teh_g majestically beating me with a mini swarm I created for him (so I count that as a win for me).


The way I am leaning over makes it looks like I have tiny arms and a massive head. Like some kind of horrible bobble head…

I’ll make my own fleet one of these days and still beat you, zzz.

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So it’s an accurate photo is what you’re saying, T-Rex man.

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I’m more concerned about the “stay on target” sign on the wall. Who or what are you!? A serial killer?! Deadshot??

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